Established in 2011, our Private Credit strategy focusses on proprietary origination from three underlying segments: Corporate, Real Assets and Consumer Credit.

Our senior partners bring a deep network of origination relationships, having served at senior levels of banks and other financial institutions through the cycle.

The strategy also benefits from our long history in European ABS and bank loan portfolio acquisitions, granting us proprietary access to essential credit data points across European jurisdictions and asset classes. 



The European Bank Deleveraging strategy seeks to provide an absolute total return for investors by making opportunistic investments in credit markets affected by European bank divestitures. Investments tend to focus primarily on portfolio acquisitions or risk-sharing transactions. These deals are private or bilateral and generally not accessible in public markets

For example, the strategy seeks to capitalise on the following opportunities:

  • Portfolio acquisitions of performing and non-performing whole loan portfolios, sourced directly from capital-constrained European banks
  • Risk-weighted asset reduction transactions or risk sharing with European banks on core loan portfolios retained on bank balance sheets

The Credit Origination strategy identifies select lending opportunities that can generate attractive risk-adjusted rewards for investors through a balanced portfolio. These opportunities typically follow the banks’ retrenchment from regulatory capital-intensive activities, primarily in the specialty finance segment. Origination opportunities include investments with an emphasis on the consumer and specialty corporate sectors. Examples can include receivables financing, leasing, trade finance and real asset-backed transactions


Chenavari offers institutional investors the opportunity to participate in various fund offerings focused on the changing private credit landscape across Europe. We operate closed end funds focused on direct origination and asset purchases from more than 16 banks across Western Europe, since the launch of our first Private Credit fund in 2011. Our team of bank deleveraging analysts focuses efforts on identifying the most attractive assets from European bank balance sheets for acquisition in our funds

With access to more than 10 external partners originating over €1.3 billion annually, Chenavari is among the leaders in Specialty Finance. Our origination capabilities span multiple countries and sectors including consumer debt, corporate debt, and specialty finance

Chenavari has built a team of seasoned finance professionals coming from the banking and physical trading worlds dedicated to originating, structuring and managing front to end trade finance solutions for mid to large corporates. These facilities fill a growing liquidity gap experienced by corporates in the space and complement, rather than compete with, financing provided by banks. Chenavari follows a unique investment approach in the trade finance space aimed at generating superior risk-adjusted return to its investors and has earned the reputation of being a reliable partner providing value-added financing solutions to its borrowers

Chenavari manages a vehicle listed on the London Stock Exchange, predicated on the success of the firm's existing strategies

Chenavari Toro Income Fund Limited builds and expands upon the successful investment strategy of the firm's initial ABS strategy, Toro Capital. Toro Capital was an open-ended investment fund, which since its launch in 2009 invested in and actively traded a portfolio of asset-backed securities -- investment opportunities that principally arose from the 2008 global financial crisis. Chenavari Toro Income Fund Limited seeks to generate an absolute return through ABS or loan investments, direct or indirect, in diversified sectors of the economy, and through the origination of credit portfolios

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