Mick Vasilache

Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager

Mick joined Chenavari in May 2009 as Senior Portfolio Manager, focusing on Chenavari’s leveraged finance strategy. Mick has over 24 years of experience in European and US leveraged finance, Prior to joining Chenavari, he developed and ran a €1.1 billion European Leveraged Credit Fund at AIM, an affiliate of Cerberus Capital. Before AIM, Mick was the senior leveraged credit analyst at Elgin Capital where he was one of the founders of the Dalradian CLO programme, consisting of four CLOs totalling €1.4 billion. He started his career in Morgan Stanley’s Fixed Income division in New York and moved to Europe in 2000 with JP Morgan Chase in order to develop the European leveraged buyout market. Mick moved to the buy-side in 2003. A graduate of Wesleyan University, Mick also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.